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» PHOTON INTERNATIONAL \ Issue of September 10

Edizione di Settembre 09

Date of publication : 09/09/2010
Page : 200-221

2BG applying various configurations: Italian company 2BG s.r.l. has designed its tools based exclusively on IR soldering. Over the last year, the company has added two new models –the TWIN and the SPIRIT BIPV. The two models offered last year have been renamed as PREFACE and SPIRIT. While 2BG did not give a reason for these name changes, the intention behind the new launches is clear from the parameter table. Like any other equipement maker, 2BG is also aiming for a higher production capacity with its TWIN tool. By combining two models of the SPIRIT and making some improvements in the interface, 2BG says it has been able to squeeze out a higher production volume than the sum of the two individual tools. While the SPIRIT can handle a process flow rate of 600 cells per hour, the TWIN can interconnect 1,400 cells. Indeed, the TWIN model greatly resembles the SPIRIT tool in nearly every aspect, except for the fact that it can be loaded with four cassettes, each with a 300-cell capacity. However, its higher throughput equals an increased utility consumption. 2BG has fixed the price of the TWIN tool at € 520,000 ($ 678,000).The other new product that 2BG is promoting is the BIPV variant of the SPIRIT called the SPIRIT BIPV. To support the stringing for BIPV modules, the tool is provided with the facility to process longer stings of up to 4,500 mm, while all of the company’s other models can only process up to 3,000 mm-long strings. The rest of the important parameters of this CTS are the same as that of the SPIRIT model. The system is priced at €240,000 ($313,100). Price is the only “upgrade” that last year’s listed SPIRIT and PREFACE tools have undergone. While the latter is sold for a marginally increased price of € 125,000 ($163,000), the intermediate model’s price has been upped by nearly 30 percent to € 200,000 ($ 260,900).