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» PHOTON INTERNATIONAL \ Issue of September 09

Edizione di Settembre 09

Date of publication : 09/09/2009
Page : 86

Italian equipment manufacturer 2BG s.r.l. has been offering laminators since 2002, but this is its first appearance in PHOTON International’s market survey. The effective lamination area of the company’s seven models varies from 600 x 600 mm (0.4 m2) to 4.5 x 2 m (9 m2). They have a competitive temperature uniformity of +/- 2°C, a fast-cure cycle time of 13 minutes and 3-month delivery time. According to Dario Bernardi at 2BG, his company is currently listing the models at 2006 prices as a result of the economic downturn. The models range in price from € 35,000 to € 214,00 ($ 49,500 to $ 302,800), depeding on the lamination area. One feature of the company’s laminator series is remote monitoring, which allows 2BG to analyze the operations of its customers, appropriate. The machines allow for a maximum laminate thickness of 35 mm, one of the highest in the survey, and the company offers a clamping system for rapid replacement of the membrane.

Page : 228
Survey Laminators : 262-263

The Italian company 2BG s.r.l. has also designed its two CTS machines to be capable of handling strings of that length. In addition to the string dimensions, there seems to be a more intense bond between these two companies. According to a news item on 2BG’s website, P.Energy once marketed 2BG’s products and after gaining the experience from this partnership, 2BG decide to promote its own brand. For the current survey, 2BG has provided specs for two models, the TS300IRA and TS600PLUS. While the model names also have some similarities to the tools from P.Energy, 2BG has designed its machines on IR soldering. As indicated by the numeric model name, the TS300IRA can process 300 cells per hour, while the larger TS600PLUS can connect 600 cells in the same period. Both tools can accept incoming cells with a side length up to 156 mm. The average breakage rate is give as 0.4 percent. While the bigger model is sold for €154,000 ($217,900) the TS300IRA has the selling price of €124,000 ($175,400). Apart from throughput and price, the differences is that the TS600PLUS aligns cells with a vision-guided system and uses a vacuum conveyor for the transportation of cells and strings, whereas the smaller CTS employs mechanical cell alignment.

Page : 254
Survey Tabber and Sringer : 232-234