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» PV MAGAZINE \ Issue of October 10

ottobre 09

Date of publication : 20/10/2010
Page : 9 - 105

The Spirit BIPV

PV module equipment producer 2BG introduces its new tabber/stringer, the Spirit BIPV. According to the company, the Spirit is derived from the experience and the collaboration with customers and the company. The BIPV version was especially developed for the production of the BIPV modules. The Spirit BIPV has a throughput of 600 cells per hours and ensures that cells breakage is limited to 0.4 percent. Up to 600 cells can be stacked and the dimension of the solar cells is between 100 by 100 millimeters up to 156 by 156 millimeters. The thickness of the solar cells can range between 160 to 400 micrometers (µm). Optional with the Spirit BIPV are the three bus bar, the three basket loading, preheating of flux, stress relief bending system and the check to ensure integrity of the cells. The Italian company’s product is already available on the market.