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» PV MAGAZINE \ Issue of August 09

agosto 09

Date of publication : 20/08/2009
Page : 49

Direct sales of module production lines

Italy’s 2BG will now sell its module manufacturing machines under its own name. P.Energy used to distribute the company’s products exclusively under its name. 2BG offers tabber/stringers, layout stations, and laminators, as well as other machines and complete lines. The company has always provided post-sales technical support. Now, to better meet customers’ needs, 2BG wants to provide them service from the very beginning and as their companies grow. 2BG has also introduced the ML512-SL multi-story laminator, which can simultaneously laminate ten two-by-one meter modules in its five stories. The company touts its loading system as an innovative time and energy saver. The ML512-SL will be available starting in 2010.

Date of publication : 20/08/2009
Page : 68