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» SUN & WIND ENERGY \ Issue 11 09

Edizione 11 09

Date of publication : 02/11/2009
Page : 69

On-demand solutions

Thanks to fifteen years of experience in the fabrication of photovoltaic machines, 2BG s.r.l. offers products and integrated services all over the world: from the stand alone PV machine planning and realization, to the development of solar cell and panel production equipment. The remarkable know-how is employed for proposing on-demand solutions for its customers, according to the different inquiries, assuring high automation levels and performances. Quality and reliability for each supply are warranted by the certified raw materials selection and through the deep knowledge of the productive trials. In 2002 2BG began the production of its first laminators thanks to the experience gained during various work experiences, subsequently enlarged in 2004 with the first Tabber & Stringer TS300IRA. The italian based company then developed the TS600IRA for higher production, followed by the TS600PLUS. The production also includes all the machines, used to produce the crystalline module from the single cell up to the final test for the efficiency measurement. Since 2008, 2BGs production is also concentrated in the end line for thin-film modules broadening the range of machines and services. 2BG has been growing steadily. In 2006 the original company building was extended in order to provide space for the increasingly important research and development department. Furthermore, 2BG built two new production plants in 2008. Today the company employs 60 people and after € 9 million last year 2BG expects to increase its financial turnover to € 11 million in 2009. Although 2BG has no presence abroad its products can be found all over the world. Besides Italy and Europe the company’s current focus is on emerging markets like India, China and Turkey. Moreover, 2BG eyes the positive development of it’s business activities on the American market with particular interest. Plans to expand across the Italian border already exist – 2BGs first subsidiary outside Italy is just a question of time.

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