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27/06/20122BG, installed Nr.2 PV systems on its own productions sites

2BG announced that has installed and grid connected its pv power plants in 2 of its own production sites, operating from the 20th June 2012 and profiting by incentives program regulated with the Italian Fourth Conto Energia. First pv system is set up on the roof of the Mechanical Division capable to produce 134.000 Kwh/year, while the second one is present on the laminator assembly factory with its 95.000 Kwh/year; 60% of the total output will be used for 2BG needs. The generated clean electricity will help to reach the 23 GW of installed green power as goal fixed by the Italian Government within the 31st December 2016, accordingly also to the European energy strategy for the reduction of CO2 emissions. The selected module technology is mono-crystalline high-efficiency solar cells; all the panels had been realized with 2BG equipment, with the purpose of monitoring the performances in relation to high quality criterions respected during the assembling process.


05/03/20122BG, received order for upgrade to 40 MW of Cappello line

Completed the order for upgrade to 40 MW production plant (from the previous 20 MW) at Cappello company (Ragusa – ITALY), which has brought besides the throughput increase, also the new solutions introduction and a custom-made configuration based on tight facility space.

The strengthen cooperation that 2BG created with each customer, during the years, benefits from the joint of both experiences in optimizing the process technology. This type of collaboration is now in a concrete step between the R&D Division of 2BG and Cappello Group: the first gives all the engineering support for reaching the goal and the second makes at disposal its continuous manufacturing volume; the object is the industry testing of the IC200AR (last evolved model) under real extreme productive conditions. Both firms have agreed to integrate this fully-automatic system for the string interconnection soldering in the current line, monitoring the performances in different applications; as this is the most focus of the assembling module process, where high quality criterions have to be respected for an efficient product with long lifetime.

With this robotic solution, Cappello becomes one of the leader players in the Italian pv industry, proudly following the technology evolution despite the current market weakness.


20/01/20122BG, installed soldering robotic station

2BG offers its experience in the photovoltaic field in aid of well-know international group, a leading provider of industrial machines and systems, working in the major relevant sectors of the economy in the world. 2BG has been selected in the team of partners for collaborating on its first project dedicated to the production of crystalline silicon modules, in Poland. The choice to purchase the latest 2BG technology is due to the fact that the Italian Company was the first to develop a stringer with the throughput of 1400 cells/hour, in 2010 with high quality standards. In the H2’2010, in fact, the project started to be developed becoming a real cooperation agreement, defined by a technical protocol and a concrete work plan.The cell soldering robotic station has been developed for the capacity of 50 MW and the productive system is running since last summer, at the Polish customer. Evolutions made and the first stringer installation of 1400 cells/h are bywords for ongoing research that 2BG supports to fulfill the undeniable market needs, for maximizing productivity, reducing costs and wiping out the production flaws.


20/07/20112BG, delivered and installed automatic line for crystalline modules of 20 MW to Renewables

Delivered and installed plant for the crystalline modules production of 20 MW at the company Renewables (Messina – ITALY - ), which leads the introduction of new solutions and a configuration tailored to the customer needs and production spaces. With SPIRIT Tabber&Stringers, with the total throughput of 1.200 cells/hour and many process automatic controls, Renewables affords to produce modules with guaranteed and constantly monitored quality.


08/04/2011Installed 50 MW automatic line for AV Project

Completed the expansion of the plant for the crystalline module production of 50 MW (from the previous 25 MW) at AVProject company (Avellino – ITALY), which has brought besides the throughput increase, also the new solutions introduction and a custom-made configuration based on customer needs and production spaces.

With four SPIRIT Tabber&Stringer, with a total throughput of 2.400 cells per hour, AVProject becomes one of the main Italian producers.