» 27/06/2012
2BG, installed Nr.2 PV systems on its own productions sites

» 05/03/2012
2BG, received order for upgrade to 40 MW of Cappello line

» 20/01/2012
2BG, installed soldering robotic station

» 20/07/2011
2BG, delivered and installed automatic line for crystalline modules of 20 MW to Renewables

» 08/04/2011
Installed 50 MW automatic line for AV Project

» 26/11/2010
2BG, Contract for Tabber&Stringer supply in China

» 03/11/2010
Contract for 12 MW automatic line to Hi Technology

» 31/08/2010
2BG, completed expansion automatic line for crystalline modules of 10 MW for CAPPELLO ALLUMINIO

» 25/08/2010

» 23/04/2010
Delivery of 50 MW automatic line to ITALIA SOLARE INDUSTRIE

» 19/02/2010
Contract for 15 MW automatic line in Algerian

» 12/02/2010
Installed 15 MW automatic line for AV Project upgrade

» 05/02/2010
Contract for 15 MW automatic line in Slovenia

» 30/08/2009

» 29/08/2009
2BG on ENF

» 28/08/2009
2BG on PV Source

» 27/08/2009
2BG Greece

» 26/08/2009

» 23/07/2009
2BG P Energy

2BG, contract signed for automatic line modules of 12 MW with Hi Technology


2BG Srl announced that it has entered in a commercial agreement to supply a production line for photovoltaic modules of 12 MW to Hi Technology (Cesena – Italy). The line will be delivered and will start working in a very short time, to allow Hi Technology to meet the supply demands already in the portfolio.

Dario Bernardi, Chairman and 2BG spokesman said: “Hi Technology for 2BG is not only a new customer, but a business partner who will contribute to the promotion of Italian products in the photovoltaic module production field. This plant will include all the latest innovations, developed and applied in the solar cell welding, to provide the opportunity to produce and develop quality and efficiency in its photovoltaic modules at the highest international levels of efficiency.The integration of MES system, developed specifically for Hi Technology, will be also quality warranty and certified safety for all the produced modules.”

Andrea Pedrini, Chairman of Hi Technology, also said: “ This step means to believe innovation and research, give a prompt, practical and reliable answer to our customers by integrating business areas in which we are already operative. With 2BG we want to achieve a high value, compared to PV systems creation, starting from the realization of high efficiency modules and high performance, design, implementation and maintenance. This plant will give us the possibility to produce polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon modules with power ratings up to 300 watts.”