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2BG s.r.l. photovoltaic machines located in Italy, thanks to its ten-yearly experience in the PV solar cell production equipment, offers solar panel equipment and integrated services all over the world: From the stand alone & PV machine planning and realization, to the development of solar panel equipment. The remarkable know-how is employed for proposing “on demand” solutions, according to the different inquiries, assuring high automation levels and performances. Quality and reliability for each supply and solar panel equipment are warranted by the (certified and established in the market) raw materials selection and through the deep knowledge of the productive trials.

Official KUKA System Partner


Since 2008 2BG s.r.l. becomes “Official KUKA System Partner” for results due to KUKA robots integration in the solar panels production lines & solar cell production equipment, upshot achieved by the continuos research on the innovation and groundbreaking technologies, which must be applied in our process systems.



Latest News

13/07/2012 2BG, new technology in order to remove the silver paste from the cells backside

2BG S.r.l. introduces a new technology in order to remove the silver paste from the crystalline silicon solar cells backside. The silver pastes are considered a critical point in the solar cells cost/Watt decrease and in this direction a lot of steps forward have been made by 2BG Research & Development team. With 2BG S.r.l.’s own technology, called “Selective Plating”, it is possible to deposit directly in the aluminum the copper and the tin instead of silver pastes, achieving a saving up to 6 cents/wafer with an efficiency increasing up to 0,2%; the data is referred to cells with 6” dimensions. “Selective Plating” allows to reach an adherence 4 times higher than the standard one, with silver paste in the back part. This technology allows a return of investments in less than 1 year and gives the opportunity to use it in working plants, without changing the standard production.

The importance of the innovative “Selective Plating” was shared also by the technical-scientific commission of 200 worldwide experts, charged to organize one of the leading conference for the photovoltaic industry; the scientific publication will take place on the occasion of 27th European Conference, which takes place in Frankfurt from September 24th to 28th together with the EU PVSEC exhibition, exclusively dedicated to the photovoltaic field. The presentation, in collaboration with “La Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy), ENEA Casaccia Research Centre Rome (Italy), Rise Technology S.r.l. (Italy) is scheduled for Wednesday 26/09/2012 at 8:30 a.m. - Session N. 2CV.5.37, titled “Innovative and Low Cost Technique for Silver-Less Silicon Solar Cell”.


24/08/2011 2BG, Innovative technology for cell production at 26th EU PVSEC

All the main players of the PV market are focusing in increasing their solar cell efficiency by combining a significant reduction of the production cost, 2BG would like to share its last ongoing R&D technology that removes the use of silver paste by a new process using an absolutely new plating concept. The research project has started at the beginning of 2010 through the collaboration with Rise Technology Srl, Italian company founded by researchers of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Now we are proud to demonstrate that theory is effective applicable in the PV industry, anticipating the forecasted removal of silver past for the 2015 like said from “The Crystalline Silicon PV Technology and Manufacturing”, group of SEMI, confirming 2BG potentiality not only as a common supplier for module equipment. 2BG has organized a conference reserved to the main cell producers to illustrate this latest technology for cells production and giving them the possibility to see the principle of the theory at work, at its booth during the 26th EU PVSEC. The conference will held in presence of the major expert in the PV market, Dr. Mario Tucci of ENEA company, and Prof. Marco Balucani of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Don’t lose the opportunity to change your future strategy, being more competitive and innovative!



2BG Srl, in collaboration with SCHLENK, has developed the technology to interconnect automatically the solar cells with ribbon SCHLENK LHS in its own Tabber&Stringer. This system called “DRS” (Double Ribbon Soldering) ensures the maximum flexibility in the photovoltaic modules production in fact, it allows to use in addition to the common ribbon, even the SCHLENK LHS and exploit all its benefits in terms of efficiency. “DRS” has been developed for being installed on 2BG Tabber&Stringer models, already on stream by its customers.



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