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» PHOTOVOLTAICS \ 6 Issue 09

6 Edizione 09

Date of publication : 23/11/2009
Page : 127-141-142

Product Briefing Outline: 2BG srl introduces the new TP200AR, fully automatic system for applying ribbon on the perimeter of the laminated module. With an innovative system of preparation, tensioning and formation it’s possible to guarantee a perfect adhesion on all the contact surface between tape and module, in short execution times. The new concept allows to have low maintenance and a precise repeatability in performances in order to ensure a usage time of 99%.

Problem: 2BG have understood the importance to have to reduce however also the costs of production of the photovoltaic panels maintaining a qualitative high-performance of the product and a notable productive ability. For this motive one of the points of the productive line where possible to mostly apply these concepts is, the trimming of the photovoltaic module.

Solution: The solution of the island TP200AR is that to be able the customers to make free from an only type of adhesive ribbon but to be able to give the possibility to choose the most consistent product to his own demands of production. The auto-centering system of the photovoltaic module, that countersigns one of it of the best peculiarities, is able to effect some changes modules without losses of time. The perfect system of adhesion of the ribbon, effected with a control of pressure and trajectory of the modules from besides guarantee of a reliable product and an excellent quality. The system can easily handle modules of dimensions 500 x 1100 mm up to 1000 x 2000 mm.

Applications: The system can be used both for modules crystalline and modules of thin film.

Platform: TP200AR is a system that allows, very easily to change formed of modules to be used without having to effect any mechanical operation but the everything is managed by a software that reduce at minimum the times of production.

Availability: December 2009 onwards.